Squirrel Update

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Baby Eastern Gray Squirrel – photo by Willow Osborn
 Willow Osborn’s Squirrel Update from April 29


The first one I got this week was a Western Gray, who the children – upon hearing his story, named “Wheeler”. He was discovered by a man getting out of his truck in the truck wheel!  “Wheeler” then ran up his trouser leg and sat on his shoulder!  He’s as sweet as can be.  At first he was incredibly noisy – he was desperate for food!


The second one “Squeaker” is a little Eastern Gray from Yuba City. The squirrel (110 grams) was dehydrated, had fleas, blood around it’s nose and puncture wounds. It was suffering from aspiration (possibly from the injury and/or because the finder gave him water).  I wasn’t at all sure he’d make it through the night.  He couldn’t breathe well, was in shock and pain and seemed very weak.  But on the second afternoon/evening he seemed a bit better and then on the third day he suddenly perked up and was interested in food for the first time. Such a relief!  He’s now putting on weight and is happily snuggling with “Wheeler”.  Obviously it’s always better to have squirrels together rather than on their own.

Eastern and Western Gray Squirrels – photo by Willow Osborn