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Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release

Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release

Working to save injured and orphaned wildlife from six counties of the California foothills and the valley below. For over 25 years, we have provided highly trained rehabilitators dedicated to serving all wildlife in our Cities, Riparian Communities, Oak Woodlands, Ponderosa Pine Forests and Open Grasslands.

WR&R Annual Recruitment Meeting
Saturday, March 14, 10:00am - 3:00pm
Registration at 9:30 a.m
Grass Valley Methodist Church
236 S. Church Street, Grass Valley
Learn about local wildlife
and how you can help preserve it.

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Amazon Smiles Program

Go to smile.amazon.com and create an account by typing in Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release Association in Penn Valley as the charity of your choice. Then, every time you shop on Amazon, remember to log onto smile.amazon.com. When you do, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to WR&R! Every penny helps and you can make a huge difference in helping wildlife!

SPD Markets will now contribute 3% of your total purchases to Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release!

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The next time you visit either SPD location, ask them for their Community Card and register the card designating Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release as the preferred recipient of your contributions.

In 2013, we assisted:

  • 603 song birds, including finches, cedar waxwings, warblers, wrens, bluebirds, blackbirds, doves, grosbeaks, jays, crows, ravens, magpies, woodpeckers, robins, swallows, Northern flickers, hummingbirds, orioles, mockingbirds and more.
  • 161 water and ground birds>, including Black-crowned night herons, Great blue herons, Green herons, Snowy and Cattle egrets, ducks, California and Mountain quail, Virginia rail, turkeys, Canada geese, White-faced ibis, American white pelican and more.
  • 203 raptors, including Red-tailed hawks, Red-shouldered hawks, Cooper’s hawks, Sharp-shinned hawks, Swainson’s hawks, white-tailed kites, Northern harriers, osprey, rough-legged hawk, American kestrels, Western screech owls, Saw-whet owls, Pygmy owls, Great-horned owls, barn owls, Ferruginous hawk, Spotted owls and turkey vultures.
  • 152 small mammals, including squirrels (ground and tree), raccoons, foxes, jack rabbits, cottontail rabbits, brush rabbits, coyotes, striped skunks, opossums, field mice, and gophers.
  • 92 bats
  • 57 fawns
  • Total Number of Animals Treated in 2013: 1,268

Getting Involved

If you are interested in joining our rehab team or would like to become a supporting member, please check out our Support Us page. All members will receive a newsletter. Some of our members donate monetarily; others prefer to donate household items. Please take a look at our wish list to help us give our animal friends a second chance at life.

About Our Organization

Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife. Each year our team successfully releases over 100 different species of native wildlife, including mammals, songbirds, raptors, waterfowl, reptiles and amphibians. As a non-profit, we are completely funded by our volunteers and by generous individuals such as yourself. If you would like to contribute to our cause, we thank you whole-heartedly. The wildlife thanks you as well.

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