Volunteer Resources on Box

The following documents are available for download from WRR’s Box Website:

  • IC Guidelines and Protocols
  • Volunteer Handbook
  • Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR) Agreement

There are a number of other documents/resources available for download from WRR’s Box Website in the Volunteer Resources folder.

Intake Center (IC) Schedule

Use the IC Schedule Booking page to add your shifts to the calendar.

One 4 to 5-hour shift each week for each volunteer is highly recommended and appreciated.

Our goal for daily coverage (at a minimum) is as follows:

  • Monday-Friday = one Intake Program Manager, one Administrative Assistant, one lead, and one volunteer (4 total).
  • Saturday = one Intake Program Manager or lead, one Administrative Assistant, and one volunteer (3 total).

If you have any questions regarding your shift availability, please contact the volunteer coordinator, Renee Rockwell.

The Volunteer Comment Box

Your opinion matters to WRR. Please complete the below form if you have any comments or concerns that you do not feel comfortable bringing up in the IC or to another volunteer or staff member. Your name is optional if you would prefer to be anonymous (simply type in ‘NA’ after ‘your name’). This form will be sent to the board, and at least one board member will respond in as timely manner as possible. We appreciate any and all feedback!