What Age is your Squirrel?

This is how to determine a squirrel’s age. Stop at 7:04. Just clip out the times when she fussing with getting a squirrel from the box, etc.

Feeding and Care

How to Feed

This is an excellent video about feeding. Start at 1:20 until the end. There is duplication between this video and the one below 7EpL.  If you don’t find any big difference between the two, I would use this one and eliminate the one below.

What to do if you find a Squirrel

This is an excellent intro video. I would use this video right after the entry of the squirrels playing. Use 0 – 1:09 then start at 3:09 until 4:05. That’s all for this video.

This is the funny lady with the pig in the background.  Stat at 1:03.  Stop at 3:50. Also 8:00 to 8:15 also 9:32 to 10:00 ‘we can’t be friends’ too funny!!

How to Re-hydrate

This is the articulate lady. I want to focus on re-hydration, how she shows the squirrel is dehydrated and how to determine when he is re-hydrated.  Good information about cleaning after feeding from 5:45 to 7:08.  8:02 shows how to show re-hydrated. Stop at 8:54.

Squirrel Clown Box

This video is so stinking adorable. Use this as entry and exit to remind rehabbers of why we do what we do. Clips of it.

Everything you need to know

Start at 0.40.  Excuse the part where he says ‘when they start bitin’ that’s time to let them go’.  That’s not the message we want.  When he talks about ‘links’ at bottom of page, insert a text box that says ‘Feeding formulas and amounts are in your rehabber handout guides’.

Also, we don’t use puppy formula. We use fox valley formula made for squirrels. So a text box for that, or just eliminate the puppy formula part. Text box where he talks about nipples: “WRR provides nipples and syringes” Super important point at 8:20 about not feeding too fast. Include all the way to 9:40 as he talks about feeding slowly.  Place text box on this that says ‘Always use a nipple to decrease risk of aspiration’.