2019 Calendars on sale now for $15 at various community venues.

bh grosbeak 3some good 2N1A6183_cr_cl_n_sh_v_11.5x8.5_horizontalThe highly popular calendars from Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release (WR&R) are now on sale. Photos of raptors, songbirds, bats, and small mammals in care as well as in their natural habitat are featured.

Local professional and well-known wildlife photographers including Dick Mooney and Ed Rotberg have contributed photos to the calendar in addition to WR&R photographers. Eye-catching photos of the following are included: Western Screech Owls lined up; animated young Red-winged Blackbirds; a Virginia Opossum as it was released back into the wild; Western Kingbird in the wild; several different species of squirrels; Black-headed Grosbeaks in care; a beautifully lighted male House Finch; unique photo of male and female Red-shouldered Hawks in the wild; Anna’s Hummingbird in flight; young fluffy Barn Owls; Pallid and Mexican Free-tailed Bats flying at sunset; Steller’s Jay in the forest; and an orphaned young fluffy turkey vulture.

turkey vulture baby bobbie hefner T21A4230 - Version 2_n_sh_lvl_11.5x8.5Calendars can be purchased for $15 at Briar Patch, SPD Markets, Lucchesi Wine Tasting Room, Flour Garden Bakeries, Motherlode Veterinary Hospital, For the Love of Pets Veterinary Hospital, Prospector’s Nursery, Walker’s Office Supply and many more locations.

Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that rehabilitates injured or orphaned animals and birds and releases them back to the wild. All profits from the calendars will help fund the rehabilitation of these birds, bats, and other mammals.

For More Information: Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release – https://www.cawildlife911.org/

 2019 calendar cover and back page 1-28