Coyotes are members of the dog family and weigh between 20 and 50 pounds. They are gray, brown or tan above and whitish underneath. Coyotes eat garbage, insects, rodents, rabbits, birds, deer, fruits and berries. They are normally solitary hunters and are important to controlling rodent populations.
If you find an injured coyote, contact Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release, 530-432-5522 for assistance.

Coyotes can inflict serious bites and should not be handled by the untrained public.
To avoid problems with coyotes:

  • Do not feed pets outdoors. If you must feed outdoors, clear away food bowls immediately. Do not leave food out at night.
  • Keep pets indoors when coyotes are seen or heard.
  • Do not feed coyotes.
  • Use noise to discourage them.