Board of Directors

The WR&R Board of Directors is elected every year and is composed of seven individuals. The following are Board members for 2020.

President, 2020:  Bev Meyers

I started my volunteer work with Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release in early 2007 with the Raptor Team. In 2008 I joined the Board as Treasurer, a position I held for six years. I worked at the Intake Center when it first opened in 2010 until 2014, two of those years as Director. I had the amazing experience of attending the Minnesota Raptor Rehabilitation training. I also have attended several CCWR Symposiums, learning as much as I could. I also house and handle WR&R’s popular Ed Bird, a Great Horned Owl, named Chester.

In 2013 I volunteered with another local wildlife rehabilitation group as a shift supervisor, helping at the wildlife intake center for five years, working year around. I have worked with many animals from foxes and squirrels to raptors and songbirds, along with turtles and waterfowl.

In 2004 I semi-retired after owning my own accounting and tax preparation firm for over 30 years. I now help my daughter with her tax preparation and bookkeeping business.

As President I hope to concentrate on building WR&Rs volunteer base and educating them all to be the best volunteers they can be. First and foremost, we are here for the wildlife, but secondly we wouldn’t exist without our wonderful volunteers — our best resource. I plan to be available to all volunteers to hear their concerns, questions and definitely their wonderful achievements. Along with being available I hope to keep everyone informed of what is happening during the year

Vice-President, 2020:  Mike Marcella

I have been a volunteer with WR&R for 5 years as of 2020. I am currently on the Board of Directors as Vice President and Team Leader for the Raptor Team at the Raptor Clinic in Penn Valley, Ca. I am one of the On-Call volunteers, (Thursday) to pick up raptors when calls come in from our answering service. It is an honor to serve, and thank you for letting me be of service.

Secretary, 2020: Michele Peterson

Treasurer, 2020: Brooke Collins


 Director at Large, 2020: Denise Sheehy


 Director at Large, 2020: Lissa James

I was born in Auburn, Ca. and have been living in Grass Valley for the last 15 years. I work full time in Accounts Payable at a local company.  I Love squirrels!!   Rehabbed many squirrels before joining WRR 3 years ago.  Love all animals but special place in my heart for squirrels.