Board of Directors

The WR&R Board of Directors is elected every year and is composed of seven individuals. The following are Board members for 2018.

President, 2018:  Bev Meyers

I started my volunteer work with Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release in early 2007 with the Raptor Team. In 2008 I joined the Board as Treasurer, a position I held for six years. I worked at the Intake Center when it first opened in 2010 until 2014, two of those years as Director. I had the amazing experience of attending the Minnesota Raptor Rehabilitation training. I also have attended several CCWR Symposiums, learning as much as I could. I also house and handle WR&R’s popular Ed Bird, a Great Horned Owl, named Chester.

In 2013 I volunteered with another local wildlife rehabilitation group as a shift supervisor, helping at the wildlife intake center for five years, working year around. I have worked with many animals from foxes and squirrels to raptors and songbirds, along with turtles and waterfowl.

In 2004 I semi-retired after owning my own accounting and tax preparation firm for over 30 years. I now help my daughter with her tax preparation and bookkeeping business.

As President I hope to concentrate on building WR&Rs volunteer base and educating them all to be the best volunteers they can be. First and foremost, we are here for the wildlife, but secondly we wouldn’t exist without our wonderful volunteers — our best resource. I plan to be available to all volunteers to hear their concerns, questions and definitely their wonderful achievements. Along with being available I hope to keep everyone informed of what is happening during the year

Vice-President, 2018:  Karen Koskey

I have been a member of WRR for 9 years, working on the Raptor Team. To help better serve the Raptors we rescue and care for, I have attended 2 four day seminars at the University of Minnesota Raptor clinic, both their educational program and their rehab program. I have also attended several CCWR symposiums, plus trainings both through WRR and Gold Country.

I am also a member of the fundraising committee, chair of the education committee, and past director at large board member.

I am the keeper of one of our educational ambassadors, Steamer, the Barn Owl. He definitely keeps me busy and on my toes!

I am passionate about working for wildlife, and educating the public on living with wildlife. Although I have volunteered for many social justice organizations over the years, working for wildlife has truly become my calling. To help those who cannot help themselves, most of whom have been injured or orphaned due to an adverse human interaction, is the most rewarding work I have undertaken.


Secretary, 2018: Robyn Buciak

Robyn Buciak has been a devoted volunteer with the Songbird Team since 2015. She has taken all the WR&R songbird trainings and attended the Passerine Gathering in 2017. During the winter season she is on call once a month to rehabilitate injured or diseased songbirds. Since the Songbird Team leader retired, Robyn has coordinated winter-season activities for the team. She has been Volunteer Coordinator of WR&R for the past year. She belongs to the Regional Wildlife Networking group organized by Nancy Barbachano and the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitation.

Robyn has a liberal arts degree from Vanderbilt University and a masters in computer science from the University of Hawaii. Although her title, when she worked in the Bay Area, was software engineer, she frequently had responsibility for writing assignments and supervising team projects. Since retiring to Grass Valley in the late ’90s, she has volunteered with the Literacy Program and joined the Master Gardeners for whom she wrote numerous articles for The Union.

“My charitable instincts have always been for nature, wildlife and environmental causes. There’s no question that I like the people in this organization and admire their dedication. If my background and brief experience here will help me contribute in some way, then I would be proud to do so.”


Treasurer, 2018: Mike Marcella

I started my volunteer work in the Spring of 2016 as a member of the Raptor Team at the Clinic. In late Summer 2016, I became one of the “On-Call” Team, to go and pick up in the surrounding counties, orphaned and injured birds. I have 2 on-call days at the moment and one clinic day.I was appointed Treasurer in February 2018 and am honored to serve. I hope to bring good direction to this organization and help all our teams, i.e. Raptors, Songbirds, Small Mammals and the Bat team, to be successful in protecting our California Wildlife. Thanks for letting me be of service.


 Director at Large, 2018: Bruce Reinhadt

 I am interested in assisting the WR&R organization by supporting its mission of caring for injured and orphaned wildlife species. I am offering my knowledge and skills as a professional biologist with over 40 years of experience protecting/managing wildlife populations and their habitat in California and several foreign countries. I have been on the raptor team for several years and at one time sponsored a similar organization at Beale AFB. (I believe it may be the precursor org that rehabbed raptors at the base.) I have experience serving on the boards of many organizations and the federal Govt. As an at large board member I can help in working with federal and state wildlife agencies on WR&R related compliance issues. In addition, I am willing to get involved in wildlife education efforts as I have been involved in several professional wildlife organizations. I am currently on the raptor Ed committee and getting to know Chester so I can handle him at educational and fund raising events.

* Ed: BA Biology, MS Range Mgmt. Graduate degree in environmental and agricultural Ed.

* Attended and given wildlife presentations/papers at many professional conferences.

* Currently Registered with Nevada County Planning Office as a Biological Consultant.

* California State Board of Forestry Certified Rangeland Manager #56.

* California K-14 Teaching Credential single subjects: Biology, Plant Science, Earth Science, Forestry, Agriculture and Environmental Ed


 Director at Large, 2018: Lauren Satterlee

Lauren has been a member of WR&R since 2013 when she started volunteering at the Raptor Center. Since then Lauren has also participated on the Fundraising and Education Committees. Lauren served as a board member at-large for WR&R in 2016. Lauren attended the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitator’s annual conference in 2016 and is deeply committed to furthering her skills and knowledge in Wildlife Rehabilitation.

Lauren grew up in Nevada County and has always loved nature and animals. Lauren received a degree in Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities in Reno, NV in 2008 and has worked with children with special needs in varying contexts since. Lauren is currently pursuing a degree in Wildlife Biology and is taking pre-requisite courses at Sierra College. Lauren works as a seasonal employee for the U.S. Forest Service as a Biological Field Technician, where she completes surveys of threatened and endangered species in the Tahoe National Forest.

“The same simple question which guides me in many aspects of my life, also guides me in my perspective, decisions, and input as a WR&R board member: What’s best for the animals?”