What a Big Mouth You Have

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Janice Barbary had a unique visitor in April – a Common Poorwill.  “It was probably hit by a car as its eye was bloody and its amazingly large mouth was filled with blood.  After being dosed with antibiotics, I initially started giving it similar food to what I fed the swifts since both types of birds eat flying insects.  After a couple of days, it started taking mealworms and its eye cleared up.  One of the joys of being a rehabber is to see so many different types of birds up-close,” stated Barbary.  Thanks to Mark Roberts from the raptor team who retrieved the bird as it was thought to be an owl.


Poorwills are nocturnal and can be seen near roadways after dusk or before dawn.  It is one of the few birds known to hibernate in the winter.


Common Poorwill – photo by Ann Westling

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